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The Clone Wars – S4E22 : Revenge

Aired March 16th, 2012


Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Revenge is the eighty-eighth episode of the canon television series The Clone Wars, set in the prequel era. It was aired on March 16, 2012, as part of Season 4.



  • TypeAnimated
  • FormatEpisode
  • SeriesThe Clone Wars
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date03/16/2012
  • Season Number#4
  • Episode Number#88
  • CertificationTV-G

Official Synopsis

Savage and Maul, now reunited, pursue Obi-Wan Kenobi in search of revenge, and the Jedi Knight finds himself forced to unite with a surprising ally to defend against the deadly siblings.

Opening Crawl

Episode 22

Brothers reunited! Darth Maul, the sinister Sith thought to have been destroyed so many years ago by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, was found alive by his brother, Savage Opress, and taken back to Mother Talzin on Dathomir.

Though Darth Maul’s memory has yet to be fully restored, his need for vengeance has awakened, more powerful than ever….