Star Wars 2020 038 Cover

Star Wars (2020) #38

Published September 6th, 2023


Star Wars (2020) #38 is the thirty-eighth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars (2020), set in the classic era. It was published on September 06, 2023 by Marvel Comics.



  • TypeComic book
  • FormatIssue
  • AudienceAdult
  • SeriesStar Wars (2020)
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date09/06/2023
  • Episode Number#38

Publisher's Summary


As the SCOURGE OF THE DROIDS makes its way through the palace of JABBA THE HUTT on Tatooine, LANDO CALRISSIAN is faced with a dire situation as he attempts to save the life of his old friend LOBOT.
Their salvation is hidden deep within the palace…
…but will they live long enough to find it?

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Lando and the rebels aboard ”Home One” were awakened by the ship’s defenses being activated as though they were entering battle.

Lando soon learned the culprit was an unwell Lobot, whose neural implants are failing, causing not only interference with the rebel ship’s weapons systems but also lethal damage to Lobot if Lando does not do something fast.

Lando realized that the only thing that can help his friend is the Talky droid who helped Lobot once before. But Lando sold that droid, who also stored Rebellion secrets, to Jabba the Hutt….