Bounty Hunters 001 Cover

Bounty Hunters

Published by Marvel Comics


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters is a comic book series, set in the classic era. The -issue series was published monthly by Marvel Comics. It began publication on March 11, 2020, and concluded on January 17, 2024.



Publisher's Summary


Years ago, VALANCE and fellow bounty hunters BOSSK and BOBA FETT took on a mission that went sideways in a bad way after Valance’s mentor, NAKANO LASH, violently betrayed them. Valance’s team barely escaped with their lives. He never thought he’d face his old mentor ever again…until Lash finally resurfaces under mysterious circumstances. Every bounty hunter in the galaxy wants a piece and Valance is hell-bent on getting to the prize first. He has score to settle—but so does Boba Fett!

ETHAN SACKS (OLD MAN HAWKEYE and GALAXY’S EDGE) and PAOLO VILLANELLI (VADER: DARK VISIONS and JEDI FALLEN ORDER – DARK TEMPLE) are teaming up to bring you the bounty hunter adventure you’ve been waiting for this March!

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Comic Issue(s)

Bounty Hunters 001 Cover

Bounty Hunters #1

“VALANCE’S FIRST APPEARANCES, ALSO AVAILABLE…” “NEVER BETRAY A BOUNTY HUNTER – ESPECIALLY IF IT’S BOBA FETT!” Years ago, VALANCE and fellow bounty hunters BOSSK and BOBA FETT took on a mission that went sideways in…

Bounty Hunters 002 Cover

Bounty Hunters #2

BOUNTY HUNTERS DRAW FIRST BLOOD! Cyborg bounty hunter VALANCE will stop at nothing to find his old mentor, NAKANO LASH, after her stinging betrayal years earlier. But other bounty hunters have taken the job after…

Bounty Hunters 003 Cover

Bounty Hunters #3

DUEL TO THE DEATH…AS THE SCOREKEEPER WILLS! Bossk confronts Valance in the ultimate heavyweight battle…and only one bounty hunter will remain standing when the dust clears. The mysterious Nakano Lash finally resurfaces, threatening to plunge…

Bounty Hunters 004 Cover

Bounty Hunters #4

THE SINS THAT CAN’T BE ABSOLVED! With a blaster aimed at this [sic] back, cyborg bounty hunter VALANCE closes in on NAKANO LASH, the mentor who abandoned him many years ago. But what is the…

Bounty Hunters 005 Cover

Bounty Hunters #5

BATTLE OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS! Only one man can stop BOBA FETT from executing his long sought vengeance. But can VALANCE survive the battle of the two greatest bounty hunters of their age? Why did…

Bounty Hunters 006 Cover

Bounty Hunters #6

TWO AGAINST ONE! With precious cargo and a price on his head, VALANCE must go to the only person in the galaxy he can trust. But the UNBROKEN CLAN has sent a deadly and unique…

Bounty Hunters 007 Cover

Bounty Hunters #7

NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THE FINDSMEN! A badly wounded VALANCE reunites with a long lost love on a secret Rebel base… but trouble is right on his heels. ZUCKUSS AND 4-LOM, the deadliest bounty hunting…

Bounty Hunters 008 Cover

Bounty Hunters #8

A DEADLY FAVOR! To pay back a debt, VALANCE undertakes a rescue mission to save the crew of a crippled REBEL transport. That dangerous job will take the bounty hunter deep into the heart of…

Bounty Hunters 009 Cover

Bounty Hunters #9

THE “TERMINUS GAUNTLET” CONTINUES! Trapped on a REBEL transport under attack by pirates, VALANCE must make a desperate gambit to survive. But little does the cyborg bounty hunter know he’s on a collision course with…

Bounty Hunters 010 Cover

Bounty Hunters #10

THE “TERMINUS GAUNTLET” CONCLUDES! VALANCE finds himself alone and outgunned against the dreaded NEW OHNAKA PIRATE GANG! The lives of the crew of a REBEL transport hang in the balance as he battles against grave…

Bounty Hunters 011 Cover

Bounty Hunters #11

THE GREAT HUNT OF MALASTARE! BOSSK awakens to find himself as the hunted instead of the hunter on the forest planet of MALASTARE. But who is the mysterious figure behind the hunting party stalking the…

Bounty Hunters 012 Cover

Bounty Hunters #12

PRELUDE TO WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS: “THE THREAT IN THE SHADOWS” As VALANCE and his reluctant partner DENGAR race to intercept BOBA FETT and his precious cargo, who are the deadly pursuers that are…