Star Wars 2020 026 Cover

Star Wars (2020) #26

Published August 17th, 2022


Star Wars (2020) #26 is the twenty-sixth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars (2020), set in the classic era. It was published on August 17, 2022 by Marvel Comics.



  • TypeComic book
  • FormatIssue
  • AudienceAdult
  • SeriesStar Wars (2020)
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date08/17/2022
  • Episode Number#26

Publisher's Summary


The Rebel Fleet is reunited at last, and Leia Organa, Mon Mothma and the other Alliance leaders send a strong message to the galaxy that the resistance to Palpatine’s rule remains as strong as ever.
Meanwhile, Lady Qi’ra of Crimson Dawn has activated her sleeper agents across the galaxy, instructing them to cause chaos for the Empire by any means necessary!

Creative Team

Publishing Team

Opening Crawl


The Rebellion has made progress in its struggle to free the galaxy from Imperial rule. General Leia Organa has finally triumphed over the cruel Commander Zahra, who massacred multiple rebel squadrons.

In another corner of the galaxy, Luke Skywalker sought out the secrets of the Jedi to improve his connection to the Force. His journey culminated in the discovery of a mysterious book linked to the Jedi.

Despite the progress, the threat of the Empire looms as large as ever. In the wake of the crushing defeat on Hoth, the capture of Captain Han Solo and the slaughter at the hands of Commander Zahra, the heroes of the Rebellion will need many more victories to weaken the Empire’s grip over the galaxy….