• Comic Book Serie :
  • Issue Number : #7
  • Release Date : 10/28/2015
  • Publisher :
    • Marvel Comics
  • Number of page : 32 page(s)
  • Story Arcs :
  • The following takes place in c. 19 BBY

Publisher's summary

We’ve seen Kanan’s LAST adventure as a Padawan…
…now we go back to his FIRST adventure!
See Caleb Dume’s first steps in the Clone Wars!

More info coming soon : Creative Team, Characters, Variant Covers, Reviews, Links, etc.

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It is an era of betrayal. The Republic has fallen after the elimination of the JEDI KNIGHTS by Chancellor Palpatine's ORDER 66. Now, as Emperor, Palpatine firmly commands the galaxy by his own rules. Rebels have banded together to fight back. Among them is former Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume, who now calls himself KANAN JARRUS. He and his rebel companions are back on planet KALLER, where Kanan lost his Master years ago. Kanan's past haunts him as he searches for his ex-partner Janus Kasmir, who he suspects smuggled supplies the rebels need. In his search, he is wounded by Tapusk before falling unconscious while the ghosts of his Padawan past zero in....

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