• Director :
    • George Lucas
  • Writer :
    • George Lucas
  • Release Date : 05/19/2005
  • Type : Feature film
  • Runtime : 140 mm
  • Production Compagny :
    • Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • Distributor :
    • 20th Century Fox
  • Widest Release : 3 663 theaters
  • In Release : 155 days / 22 weeks
  • Budget (estimated) : $113,000,000
  • Opening Weekend : $108,435,841
  • Dom. Results : $380,270,577
  • Worldwide Results : $848,754,768
  • Reason for Film Rating : Rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and some intense images
  • The following takes place in 19 BBY

Official Synopsis

As the Clone Wars near an end, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious steps out of the shadows, at which time Anakin succumbs to his emotions, becoming Darth Vader and putting his relationships with Obi-Wan and Padme at risk.

More info coming soon : Production Team, Casting, Special Editions, Poster gallery, Videos, Reviews, etc.

Opening Crawl

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere.In a stunning move, the fiendish droid leader, General Grievous, has swept into the Republic capital and kidnapped Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Galactic Senate.As the Separatist Droid Army attempts to flee the besieged capital with their valuable hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a desperate mission to rescue the captive Chancellor....

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