Bounty Hunters 002 Cover

Bounty Hunters #2

Published March 25th, 2020


Galaxy's Deadliest: Part #2 – Sorrow of the Syndicates is the second issue of the canon comic book series Bounty Hunters. It was published on March 25, 2020 by Marvel Comics.



Publisher's Summary


Cyborg bounty hunter VALANCE will stop at nothing to find his old mentor, NAKANO LASH, after her stinging betrayal years earlier.
But other bounty hunters have taken the job after a vicious crime lord put out the hit. Everyone’s got a reason to go after the traitorous Nautolan.
BOSSK, BOBA FETT and a slew of new killers are hot on Lash’s trail. Can Valance get to her first? And what could have possibly made Lash break her word and betray her fellow hunters? The truth could shake the foundations of the criminal underworld in the galaxy!

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Sorrow of the Syndicates

Years ago, a crew of bounty hunters was torn apart when Nakano Lash, their leader, betrayed them by murdering their client, the heir to the Mourner’s Wail syndicate. The crew included Lash, her cyborg protégé Valance, the human T’ongor, the Trandoshan Bossk and Boba Fett.

The Mourner’s Wail and rival organization the Unbroken Clan have been at war ever since. Now Lash has resurfaced under mysterious circumstances, and the galaxy has not forgotten her crime.

Valance, T’ongor’s sister T’onga, Bossk and Fett all have a personal score to settle. The race to find Nakano Lash has begun…