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Produced by Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, Carrie Beck and 2 more people


Star Wars: Rebels is an animated television series, set in the prequel era, produced by Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, Carrie Beck, Greg Weisman, and Henry Gilroy. The four-season series was released weekly on Disney Channel, and Disney XD. It began airing on October 03, 2014, and concluded on March 05, 2018, as part of Rebels, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4.



  • TypeAnimated
  • FormatTelevision series
  • FrequencyWeekly
  • Release StatusEnded
  • Release Date10/03/2014
  • End Date03/05/2018
  • Number of seasons4
  • Number of episodes67
  • CertificationTV-G

Official Synopsis

It is a dark time. The Jedi are no more, and the Empire rules the galaxy with an iron fist — bringing tyranny to the Outer Rim world of Lothal. Their ominous presence is a cloud over the planet, squashing any hope of freedom or a better life, especially for 14-year-old orphan Ezra Bridger. But the young con artist soon finds that destiny has other plans for him, as he encounters a small band of rebels who dare to strike back against the Empire.

TV Episode(s)

Star Wars Rebels S1e03 Thumbnail

Rebels – S1E3 : Droids in Distress

Low on food and fuel, the Ghost crew agrees to steal an Imperial weapons shipment for crime lord Cikatro Vizago. During the mission, they encounter a familiar droid duo — and find that the weapons…

Star Wars Rebels S1e05 Thumbnail

Rebels – S1E5 : Rise of the Old Masters

Kanan continues to train Ezra in the ways of the Force, but both become frustrated with each other and their new roles. Meanwhile, an underground transmission reveals that a Jedi Master, long thought dead, is…