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The Clone Wars – S6E5 : An Old Friend

Aired March 7th, 2014


Star Wars: The Clone Wars - An Old Friend is the 113th episode of the canon television series The Clone Wars, set in the prequel era. It was aired on March 07, 2014, as part of Season 6.



  • TypeAnimated
  • FormatEpisode
  • SeriesThe Clone Wars
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date03/07/2014
  • Season Number#6
  • Episode Number#113
  • CertificationTV-G

Official Synopsis

While on Scipio to fund a mercy mission, Padmé Amidala is called upon by an old friend, Rush Clovis, to help uncover corruption in the Banking Clan. They must evade the bounty hunter Embo to escape the planet with the incriminating information.

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Episode 5

As the war between the Republic and the Separatists intensifies, many are driven from their home planets, and it is up to Senator Amidala to secure aid for them. All eyes turn to the Banking Clan and the planet Scipio. In an effort to remain independent from the Republic and the Separatists, all operations are divided, and money transactions are performed in a neutral zone surrouding the main vault. For operations to continue, there must be no war on Scipio. However, worry about the stability of the Banking Clan is brewing within the Republic as the wellspring of money may be in jeopardy….