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The Clone Wars – S6E2 : Conspiracy

Aired March 7th, 2014


Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Conspiracy is the 110th episode of the canon television series The Clone Wars, set in the prequel era. It was aired on March 07, 2014, as part of Season 6.



  • TypeAnimated
  • FormatEpisode
  • SeriesThe Clone Wars
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date03/07/2014
  • Season Number#6
  • Episode Number#110
  • CertificationTV-G

Official Synopsis

In the sterile laboratories of Kamino, the ailing clone trooper Tup and his friend Fives are quarantined for examination following Tup’s shocking murder of a Jedi Master. With the help of medical droid AZI-3, Fives is determined to get to the bottom of Tup’s condition and uncovers a secret deep within the Republic cloning program.

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Episode 2

A flaw in the plan! While in the middle of a heated battle, clone trooper Tup lost his senses and killed a Jedi General. Seeming to have no awareness of his actions, Tup’s health began to deteriorate rapidly. Fearing the illness was linked to a Separatist plot, Anakin Skywalker has dispatched Captain Rex and ARC Trooper 5555 to escort Tup back to the cloning facilities on Kamino for an intensive evaluation….