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The Clone Wars – S4E9 : Plan of Dissent

Aired November 11th, 2011


Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Plan of Dissent is the seventy-fifth episode of the canon television series The Clone Wars, set in the prequel era. It was aired on November 11, 2011, as part of Season 4.



  • TypeAnimated
  • FormatEpisode
  • SeriesThe Clone Wars
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date11/11/2011
  • Season Number#4
  • Episode Number#75
  • CertificationTV-G

Official Synopsis

After the Republic conquers an Umbaran airbase, General Krell orders Rex and his men on towards the heavily fortified capital. Realizing there’s a better plan, several clone troopers disobey orders to carry out a rogue, covert operation.

Opening Crawl

Episode 9

Invasion in peril! Republic forces struggle to take Umbara, a hostile planet completely enshrouded in darkness. Jedi General Pong Krell and Captain Rex lead a battalion against a constant attack by a brutal enemy. Krell’s aggressive and reckless strategies backfire, killing many clones. Despite the Jedi General’s dangerous tactics, Captain Rex’s squad successfully captures a critical airbase. This further fuels the mistrust of Krell’s leadership, dividing his men….