The High Republic The Edge Of Balance 002 Cover

The High Republic: The Edge of Balance vol. 2

Published May 24th, 2022


The High Republic: The Edge of Balance vol. 2 is the second issue of the canon manga series The High Republic: The Edge of Balance, set in the high republic era. It was published on May 24, 2022 by Viz Media as part of The High Republic.



Publisher's Summary

A massive, interconnected cross-publisher initiative focused on an all-new era of Star Wars storytelling.

It is the era of the High Republic and Republic expansion is at its height. As trusted guardians of peace, the renowned Jedi protect the Republic and shine their light on those exploring the darkest reaches of the galaxy.

Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi learns the Drengir attack on Banchii was not an isolated event but part of a coordinated attack orchestrated by the Nihil. Master Arkoff is on orders from the Jedi Council to help Master Stellan Gios’s investigation, leaving Lily in charge of rebuilding Banchii and restoring hope to the community. Lily vows the temple will not be put in danger again, not under her watch! When a disruptive unannounced visitor appears, Lily must maintain her focus as she seeks the best way to protect Banchii, Keerin, and the Younglings from the growing Nihil threat.

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Opening Crawl


The tragic events of the Republic Fair have galvanized the galaxy. The Jedi and the Republic have gone on the offensive to stop the marauding NIHIL. With these vicious raiders all but defeated, Jedi Master AVAR KRISS has her sights set on LOURNA DEE, the supposed Eye of the Nihil, and has undertaken a mission to capture her once and for all.

But unbeknownst to the Jedi, the true leader of the Nihil, the insidious MARCHION RO, is about to launch an attack on the Jedi and the Republic, on a scale not seen in centuries. If he succeeds, the Nihil will be triumphant and the light of the Jedi will go dark.

Only the brave Jedi Knights of STARLIGHT BEACON stand in his way, but even they may not be enough against Ro and the ancient enemy that’s about to be unleashed….