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The High Republic Adventures (2023) #7

Published July 10th, 2024


The High Republic Adventures (2023) #7 is the upcoming seventh issue of the canon comic book series The High Republic Adventures (2023), set in the high republic era. It will be published on July 10, 2024 by Dark Horse Comics.

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Publisher's Summary

The next thrilling chapter of the High Republic saga starts here! There’s no rest for the weary in the High Republic! After their reunion and only a moment’s respite, Lula, Zeen, and their friends learned that the Nihil Stormwall has encroached further into Republic Space. Now, the team of young heroes prepare to defend the planet Eriadu, and the Republic at large, from an impending Nihil invasion!

Continues the High Republic saga!
The perfect accompaniment to Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures and the upcoming Star Wars: Acolyte!

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