Star Wars High Republic Defy The Storm Cover

The High Republic: Defy the Storm

Written by Justina Ireland


Star Wars: The High Republic: Defy the Storm is a canon young adult original novel, set in the high republic era, written by Justina Ireland. It was published on March 05, 2024, by Disney Lucasfilm Press as part of The High Republic.



  • TypeOriginal novel
  • AudienceYoung adult
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date03/05/2024

Publisher's Summary

Nowhere is safe within the eye of the storm….

The Galactic Republic is in chaos following the Nihil’s shocking destruction of the gleaming space station Starlight Beacon. Capitalizing on their victory, the Nihil have erected a barrier called the Stormwall around a section of Republic space and claimed it for themselves. Within this Occlusion Zone, people live at the mercy of the Nihil–and the Nihil are not known for mercy.

Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh, believing her Padawan, Imri Cantaros, to be among the casualties of Starlight Beacon, has retreated to a peaceful planet where she hopes to nurse her wounds and regain some sense of equilibrium. But her old friend Avon Starros has other plans. Avon knows that Imri is alive inside the Occlusion Zone–and she and Vernestra must be the ones to find him.

With the help of former frontier deputy Jordanna Sparkburn and the extremely untrustworthy Xylan Graf, Avon and Vernestra set out to breach the Stormwall and enter the Occlusion Zone in search of Imri. But within Nihil territory, danger lurks around every corner…as do terrifying creatures known as the Nameless.

How can Vernestra find her lost Padawan when her very strength in the Force becomes her ultimate weakness? And what are Avon’s true motivations behind enemy lines?

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It is a time of great turmoil. A year has passed since the destruction of the STARLIGHT BEACON station by the nefarious Marchion Ro and his Nihil marauders.

The Nihil have established an OCCLUSION ZONE in the Outer Rim, stranding hundreds of worlds behind their Stormwall. Communications are blocked, and ships that enter are lost to the void or destroyed by the Nihil.

The Republic is helpless against this sinister threat, and the brave and wise JEDI KNIGHTS remain fearful of Ro’s fabled NAMELESS creatures, which the Jedi have learned are very real, and very deadly….