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The High Republic Adventures (2023) #3

Published February 14th, 2024


The High Republic Adventures (2023) #3 is the upcoming third issue of the canon comic book series The High Republic Adventures (2023), set in the high republic era. It will be published on February 14, 2024 by Dark Horse Comics.

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Publisher's Summary

The fate of the scattered survivors of the Starlight Beacon disaster is slowly becoming more clear, as Zeen, Qort, and 5A-G3 must follow up every lead to find out who among their old Starhopper [sic] friends are still alive and where they may be. But information from inside the Occlusion Zone is very hard to come by; and the answers they seek may serve only to raise more questions… like DID any of their allies survive at all?

Find out in issue #3 of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, from Phase III of the High Republic saga. Written by New York Times Bestselling author Daniel JosĂ© Older, drawn by Harvey Tolibao, Colored by Michael Atiyeh, and lettered by Comicraft! Don’t miss it!

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