Doctor Aphra 038 Cover

Doctor Aphra #38

Published November 6th, 2019


A Rogue’s End #2 is the thirty-eighth issue of the canon comic book series Doctor Aphra (2016), set in the classic era. It was published on November 06, 2019 by Marvel Comics.



Publisher's Summary


DOCTOR APHRA’s reunion with her FATHER would’ve be a happy affair – if he wasn’t a pompous blowhard set to take her job as the Empire’s chief archaeologist.
Of course, her dear old dad will have to survive Imperial Interrogation first, and which pair of charming psycho-droids do you suppose DARTH VADER has hired for the job?
And what happens when the ancient stones of a long-lost Jedi Temple cast their ghostly influence upon the Dark Lord of the Sith himself…?

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Opening Crawl

Part II

Rogue archaeologist Doctor Aphra is known across the galaxy as a brilliant scientist as well as a thief and obtainer of ancient valuable artifacts—which has earned her the ire of both the Rebellion and Empire.

Aphra and her sidekick of sorts, Vulaada, recently exposed a traitorous plot to assassinate the Emperor, which gained them good favor with the regime…and temporarily staved off Darth Vader’s attempts to murder Aphra for her past betrayals.

Now, Aphra and Vulaada are assigned to a specialized Imperial archaeological team in search of the new Rebel base. But Aphra’s one slip-up away from certain execution, and to make matters worse, Vader has captured another specialist to aid in the hunt— Aphra’s estranged father….