Doctor Aphra 031 Cover

Doctor Aphra #31

Published April 24th, 2019


Worst Among Equals! #6 is the thirty-first issue of the canon comic book series Doctor Aphra (2016), set in the classic era. It was published on April 24, 2019 by Marvel Comics.



Publisher's Summary


Time’s up. DOCTOR APHRA and TRIPLE-ZERO have mere seconds to remove their bomb implants before it’s explodo o’clock.
With undead bounty hunters, monster trappers and the foulest divisions of the IMPERIAL war machine between her and salvation, is this the end for the amoral archaeologist?
One thing’s for sure: it’ll come down to who trusts who…and who gets what they deserve…

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Part VI

Doctor Aphra is on the run! Implanted with a proximity bomb by the vile Cornelius Evazan, she’s forced to stay close to her nemesis, Triple-Zero, or they will both face an explosive death. The two must travel to the only specialist on Milvayne who can remove the bombs before the timer runs out!

Aphra’s narrowly escaped the wrath of the Force-fungus-powered vigilante Tam Posla and the monster hunters Winloss and Nokk, all the while drawing the growing attention of the Empire. Their struggles have won over the people of the planet who have watched their every move through Triple-Zero’s eye-feed.

After Aphra finally returned Triple-Zero’s missing memories, the murder-droid regained the knowledge of his ancient origin as…nothing but a mistake. Utterly disappointed and with no will to live, Triple-Zero decides to literally walk away from it all…triggering the bombs!