Doctor Aphra 025 Cover

Doctor Aphra #25

Published October 24th, 2018

About the Issue

Doctor Aphra #25 is the twenty-fifth issue of the canon comic book serie Doctor Aphra published by Marvel Comics. It was released on October 24, 2018.


Publisher's Summary


After a lifetime of betrayals, all DOCTOR APHRA’S mynocks are finally coming home to roost.
Murder-droids, Force-active spores, heartbroken lovers and vengeful lawmen — but they’re all eclipsed by the tall, dark shadow that now falls across her.

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Opening Crawl

Part VI

Doctor Aphra’s greed for an ancient lightsaber guarded by a swarm of Force-powered hookspores has doomed Accresker Jail! Under Imperial interrogation, she has revealed the biohazard in an attempt to keep her darkest secret safe: knowledge of Darth Vader’s plot to supplant the Emperor.

Fearing contagion, the Empire has fled and abandoned the jail on a collision course with a nearby planet. Aphra was able to cut a deal with vigilante Tam Posla for an escape shuttle (by delivering into Tam’s custody the shape-shifter Lopset disguised as wanted criminal Cornelius Evazan).

But the murderous droids Triple-Zero and Beetee-One have dashed Aphra’s latest escape attempt. And Darth Vader himself has finally arrived to silence Aphra once and for all. Of course she may have one final, desperate gamble up her sleeve….