Doctor Aphra 020 Cover

Doctor Aphra #20

Published May 23rd, 2018


The Catastrophe Con #1 is the twentieth issue of the canon comic book series Doctor Aphra (2016), set in the classic era. It was published on May 23, 2018 by Marvel Comics.



Publisher's Summary


Aphra is behind bars. Again. But this time, she finds herself in Imperial custody, strapped to an explosive transmitter synced to a single hub-droid. Take one step too far? KABLOOEY! Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue to sit still for Aphra – but what happens when her Imperial captors send her hub-droid to the middle of a war zone? And, uh, what’s this rumor about the prison being haunted?

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Part I

It is a time of instability within the galaxy as the Rebel Alliance battles the Galactic Empire. For those operating on the fringes, there is much potential for profit.

Rogue archaeologist DOCTOR APHRA is no stranger to risk in the pursuit of both credits and thrills, and she desperately wants to get back to what she does best — locating and liberating rare artifacts.

But her recent exploits in blackmailed servitude to the psychotic droid crime lord Triple-Zero have landed her in custody and earned the ire of both rebels and Imperials alike….