Doctor Aphra 018 Cover

Doctor Aphra #18

Published March 28th, 2018

About the Issue

Doctor Aphra #18 is the eighteenth issue of the canon comic book serie Doctor Aphra published by Marvel Comics. It was released on March 28, 2018.


  • Series Doctor Aphra
  • Status Released
  • Release Date 03/28/2018
  • Issue Number #18
  • Number of pages 32 page(s)
  • Story Arc(s)

Publisher's Summary

Doctor Aphra is being blackmailed by Triple Zero to run missions for his underground crime syndicate — but that doesn’t mean she can’t cause trouble and have fun along the way! Sometimes that fun means infiltrating Rebellion training grounds…and sometimes that trouble means crossing paths with famed rebel Hera Syndulla herself!

Creative Team

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Opening Crawl

Part V

It is a time of instability in the galaxy as the Rebel Alliance continues their fight for freedom from the Galactic Empire. In other words, it’s the perfect time to pull something off right under their noses.

Rogue archaeologist and scoundrel Doctor Aphra has been blackmailed by psychotic droid Triple-Zero to retrieve his lost memory files. They happen to be stored in one of the Empire’s
most secure bases.

Fortunately, Aphra has a way in. She and her crew have kidnapped a Rebel general, one Hera Syndulla….