Star Wars Age Of Resistance Rose Tico 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Rose Tico

Published September 18th, 2019


Age of Resistance: Rose Tico is the seventh issue of the canon comic book series Age of Resistance, set in the sequel era. It was published on September 18, 2019 by Marvel Comics.



Publisher's Summary


Sisters. Friends. Co-pilots. Growing up, Rose and Paige Tico were everything to each other.
Until the First Order tore their world apart.
See the bond between Rose and Paige before it was forever broken.

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Young sisters Rose and Paige Tico are inseparable, and growing up in an era of hope and peace–the time of the New Republic–means that their futures are as bright and boundless as the stars of the galaxy. But a war is incoming…

And new heroes will need to defend the galaxy once more….