Age Of Resistance Heroes Cover

Age of Resistance

Published by Marvel Comics


Star Wars: Age of Resistance is a comic book mini-series, set in the sequel era. The eight-issue series was published monthly by Marvel Comics. It began publication on July 03, 2019, and concluded on September 25, 2019.



  • TypeComic book
  • FormatMini-series
  • FrequencyMonthly
  • AudienceAdult
  • Release StatusEnded
  • Release Date07/03/2019
  • End Date09/25/2019
  • Number of episodes8

Publisher's Summary

Journey through the entire Star Wars saga with Age of RepublicAge of Rebellion, and Age of Resistance, a 30-issue maxi-series chronicling the most iconic heroes & villains from across the galaxy.

Creative Team

Publishing Team

Comic Issue(s)

Star Wars Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Poe Dameron

FIGHT AND FLIGHT! POE DAMERON is the greatest pilot in THE RESISTANCE. But before the Resistance, he commanded another crew. He flew for the NEW REPUBLIC. But was Poe flying for the right cause?

Star Wars Age Of Resistance Rose Tico 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Rose Tico

“MY HERO” Sisters. Friends. Co-pilots. Growing up, Rose and Paige Tico were everything to each other. Until the First Order tore their world apart. See the bond between Rose and Paige before it was forever…

Star Wars Age Of Resistance Finn 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Finn

A LITTLE REBELLION! Before he was a rebel hero, FINN had another calling. He was…a janitor. But how could this lead FN-2187 to question everything? How much action can someone see mopping floors and dealing…

Star Wars Age Of Resistance Captain Phasma 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Captain Phasma

ANOTHER GUN! STORMTROOPERS don’t get a name. They are simply a tool of the EMPIRE. But PHASMA has a name, and one young soldier wants what she has. One stormtrooper has ambition. And this ambition…

Star Wars Age Of Resistance General Hux 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: General Hux

MAROONED! GENERAL HUX and KYLO REN crash-land on a far-off planet. With no hope of rescue, the two are forced to work together to survive. But can they survive each other?

Star Wars Age Of Resistance Kylo Ren 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Kylo Ren

A DYNASTY OF DOOM! ANAKIN SKYWALKER casts a long shadow. Can KYLO REN ever escape his infamous grandfather’s reputation? Or will he succeed where DARTH VADER failed?

Star Wars Age Of Resistance Rey 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Rey

SEARCH FOR SKYWALKER! After HAN SOLO’s fall, REY searched for LUKE SKYWALKER. But before Luke, there was LEIA. Witness never-before-seen moments between REY and GENERAL ORGANA. What will REY, CHEWBACCA and R2-D2 encounter on the…

Star Wars Age Of The Resistance Special 001 Cover

Age of Resistance: Special

A ONE-SHOT SPECIAL FEATURING YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS FROM THE NEW STAR WARS TRILOGY! Star Wars fans first met Resistance leader and confidante of Leia Organa VICE ADMIRAL AMILYN HOLDO at the end of her story…