Media Set Timeline

Star Wars Landos Luck Cover

Lando’s Luck

Lando Calrissian and his droid, L3-37, are successful smugglers in their ship, the Millennium Falcon, but when a disgruntled Imperial forces them to take a job they don’t like, a young stowaway may be the…

Choose Your Destiny A Luke And Leia Adventure Cover

Choose Your Destiny: A Luke and Leia Adventure

Jump inside the Millennium Falcon and help Luke, Leia, and R2-D2 as they journey across the galaxy on a mission for the Rebellion after the destruction of the first Death Star. With over twenty possible…

Star Wars Adventures Flight Of The Falcon Cover

Flight of the Falcon

The Flight of the Falcon ends here! We’ve followed Bazine Netal’s quest for the legendary starship the Millennium Falcon, but here’s one final tale yet to be told, featuring famous pirate captain, Hondo Ohnaka!

Star Wars Pirates Price Cover

Pirate’s Price

All-new exciting tales about Han Solo and Chewbacca and their adventures in the Millennium Falcon—along with the pirate Hondo Ohnaka! Hello, my friends! It is I, Honda Ohnaka, greatest pirate in the galaxy, hero of…

Star Wars Adventures 014 Cover

Star Wars Adventures #14

Han has left to get himself into more trouble, leaving Chewie all alone with the perplexing new problem that is a major pain in his hide! The iconic Wookiee will have to use all of…

Star Wars Adventures 015 Cover

Star Wars Adventures #15

When an emergency landing separates BB-8 from Poe Dameron, the astromech droid must make friends with the natives to repair their ship and return home to the Resistance. Plus, an exciting new Flight of the…

Star Wars Adventures 016 Cover

Star Wars Adventures #16

Welcome to the Resistance! Star Wars Resistance is an exciting new animated series coming to the Disney Channel this fall, and making its Star Wars Adventures debut in this very issue! In the time before…

Star Wars Adventures 017 Cover

Star Wars Adventures #17

Welcome to the Resistance! In the time before The Force Awakens this all-new adventure follows the fledgling Resistance as it begins to realize the growing threat of the First Order Based on Star Wars Resistance,…

Star Wars Adventures 018 Cover

Star Wars Adventures #18

Padmé Amidala joins Jar Jar Binks on a quest to recover a legendary Gungan artifact. Uh oh! This one is going to be very messy! Plus, Gannis Ducain details his time with the Millennium Falcon!