Darth Vader 015 Cover

Star Wars: Vader Down #6

Published January 6th, 2016

About the Issue

Vader #15 is the fifteenth issue of the canon comic book serie Darth Vader published by Marvel Comics. It was released on January 06, 2016.


Publisher's Summary

Luke Skywalker—captured by the Empire!
Darth Vader—beset by enemies on all sides!
The finale of the biggest Marvel Star Wars story yet!

Creative Team

Publishing Team


Opening Crawl

Part VI

It is a period of unrest. Darth Vader has tracked his son, the rebel pilot Luke Skywalker, to the planet Vrogas Vas. The pair crash-landed, only to be stranded planetside and faced with new enemies.

After Han and Chewie rescued Luke from Dr. Aphra’s hold, they now find themselves locked in a dangerous and deadly battle with the Wookiee warrior Black Krrsantan.

Meanwhile, Luke has gone to find Elsewhere, Princess Leia, who had ordered all rebel forces to strike on Darth Vader’s location. However, Luke soon found himself captured by Imperial forces led by the Mon Calamari cyborg, Commander Karbin, who had tracked the Sith Lord to the planet to end both Vader and the Rebels in one fell swoop….