Star Wars Adventures 2020 012 Cover

Star Wars Adventures (2020) #12

Published November 24th, 2021


Star Wars Adventures (2020) #12 is the twelfth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars Adventures (2020), set in across all eras. It was published on November 24, 2021 by IDW Publishing.



Publisher's Summary

First, it’s a trap! Luke Skywalker and Rogue Squadron has been snared by the Empire. But who is the traitor and why is new recruit Ibti Myrak fighting with Admiral Ackbar on the deck of Home One? X-wings and TIE fighters clash in “Squad Goals,” part two by Cavan Scott and Manuel Bracchi.

Then, from author and artist Andrew Griffith comes a new Tales of Villainy. Asajj Ventress must face off with Aayla Secura, who is dangerously close to uncovering the early stages of the Death Star Project.

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