Star Wars 006 Cover

Star Wars #6

Published June 3rd, 2015


Skywalker Strikes #6 is the sixth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars (2015), set in the classic era. It was published on June 03, 2015 by Marvel Comics.



Publisher's Summary


Luke vs. Boba Fett! Han Solo in hot water!
This is “the comic book you’re looking for!”

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Book I, Part VI

It is a period of renewed hope for the Rebellion. The evil Galactic Empire’s greatest weapon, the
Death Star, has been destroyed by the young rebel pilot Luke Skywalker.

But Skywalker knows he has a long way to go if he ever hopes to become a true Jedi. Seeking
clues to his destiny, he has returned to Tatooine, to the home of his departed mentor,
Ben Kenobi. Meanwhile, Darth Vader is seeking answers of his own and has hired the notorious
bounty hunter Boba Fett to track down the mysterious pilot who destroyed the Death Star.

Fett has found his man. And his flash grenade leaves young Skywalker blinded and alone…