Star Wars 037 Cover

Imperial Pride

Published October 4th, 2017

About the Issue

Imperial Pride is the thirthy-seventh issue of the canon comic book serie Star Wars published by Marvel Comics. It was released on October 04, 2017.


Publisher's Summary

SCAR Squadron is back…with their deadliest attack yet!

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It is a crucial time for the Empire. Rebel forces are proliferating across the galaxy, and their elimination is imperative for Imperial reign.For a mission this vital, the right team is essential - an elite group of stormtroopers, handpicked for skills, loyalty to the Empire, and complete dedication to destroying the Rebellion.Leading this team is the ruthless Sergeant Kreel - a man who answers directly to Darth Vader. Rebel heroes Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo have evaded SCAR Squadron before, but they have not seen the last of the Empire's wrath....