Poe Dameron 003 Cover

Poe Dameron #3

Published June 8th, 2016

About the Issue

Poe Dameron #3 is the third issue of the canon comic book serie Poe Dameron published by Marvel Comics. It was released on June 08, 2016.


Publisher's Summary

The First Order has caught up with Poe’s X-wing squadron!
Agent Terrex has them boxed into a corner!
Then…the egg starts to hatch.

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Thirty years have passed since the defeat of the Empire, but a new threat has arrived in the form of the oppressive First Order. Standing in opposition to their expansion is the Resistance.Poe Dameron and his team of pilots—Black Squadron—have been tasked with finding Lor San Tekka, an explorer who may know Luke Skywalker's location. Traveling to the explorer's last known whereabouts, they find a planet whose inhabitants worship and care for an egg they believe nurtures their unborn savior.But all is not well—a tracking device secretly placed on Poe's X-wing enables Agent Terex, a vicious First Order intelligence officer, to follow Black Squadron. Terex has trapped Poe and BB-8 in a cavern beneath the surface, while a fleet of TIEs engage the rest of Black Squadron in a deadly aerial battle....