Poe Dameron 013 Cover

Poe Dameron #13

Published April 19th, 2017

About the Issue

Poe Dameron #13 is the thirteenth issue of the canon comic book serie Poe Dameron published by Marvel Comics. It was released on April 19, 2017.


Publisher's Summary

It’s Terex’s army versus Black Squadron—and Black Squadron is outnumbered!
Plus, Poe is stranded with only a battle-reluctant commando droid between him and his enemies.
Snap Wexley may have a trick or two up his sleeve to help Black Leader fight!

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It is a time of uncertainty in the galaxy. Standing against the oppression of the First Order is General Organa's Resistance, including Poe Dameron and his team of ace pilots – Black Squadron.A new enemy has emerged: Terex, an officer of the First Order Security Bureau. Redoubling his efforts to destroy Poe and his team, Terex has retaken control of his previous crew, the ruthless Ranc gang – a move that has attracted the ire of the First Order leader Kylo Ren.While evading capture with droids C-3PO and N1-ZX, Poe is shot out of the sky by the Rancs and crash-lands on a desert planet. Seeking refuge in a cave, Poe receives a call that his team is on their way to rescue him. However, it seems Black Squadron, too, is cornered....