Publisher's summary

It’s Terex’s army versus Black Squadron—and Black Squadron is outnumbered!
Plus, Poe is stranded with only a battle-reluctant commando droid between him and his enemies.
Snap Wexley may have a trick or two up his sleeve to help Black Leader fight!

More info coming soon : Creative Team, Characters, Variant Covers, Reviews, Links, etc.

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It is a time of uncertainty in the galaxy. Standing against the oppression of the First Order is General Organa's Resistance, including Poe Dameron and his team of ace pilots – Black Squadron. A new enemy has emerged: Terex, an officer of the First Order Security Bureau. Redoubling his efforts to destroy Poe and his team, Terex has retaken control of his previous crew, the ruthless Ranc gang – a move that has attracted the ire of the First Order leader Kylo Ren. While evading capture with droids C-3PO and N1-ZX, Poe is shot out of the sky by the Rancs and crash-lands on a desert planet. Seeking refuge in a cave, Poe receives a call that his team is on their way to rescue him. However, it seems Black Squadron, too, is cornered....

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