Star Wars Hidden Empire 004 Cover

Hidden Empire #4

Published March 1st, 2023


Hidden Empire #4 is the fourth issue of the canon comic book series Hidden Empire. It was published on March 01, 2023 by Marvel Comics.



  • TypeComic book
  • FormatIssue
  • AudienceAdult
  • SeriesHidden Empire
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date03/01/2023
  • Episode Number#4

Publisher's Summary

THE ENDGAME GAMBIT APPROACHES! The final moves of Lady Qi’ra’s great game have begun. The Sith have been summoned, and the Fermata Cage will open… For Qi’ra, it’s all or nothing.

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Dreaming of a freer galaxy, Lady QI’RA and her organization, CRIMSON DAWN, have waged a secret war against the Empire.

Qi’ra acquired a means of prevailing against the Sith in the FERMATA CAGE, an artifact that supposedly suspended an ancient Sith Lord in time. Qi’ra tasked the Archivist with unleashing this Sith against the Emperor and activated her operatives across the galaxy to serve as a smoke screen. The Emperor retaliated against Crimson Dawn, forcing Qi’ra to her stronghold Dawnfall, where a Crimson Dawn fleet prepares to strike against the Empire.

A failed attempt to unlock and the Fermata Cage nearly killed the Archivist, and the disturbance in the Force it produced served as a beacon to Darth Vader. Qi’ra dispatched Chanath Cha and the Orphans to defend the Archivist and the artifact. Chanath Cha and the Orphans fought valiantly but proved no match for Darth Vader.

However, their sacrifice allowed the Archivist to escape, providing Crimson Dawn a final opportunity to enact their plan….