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Han Solo & Chewbacca #7

Published November 16th, 2022


Han Solo & Chewbacca #7 is the upcoming seventh issue of the canon comic book series Han Solo & Chewbacca, set in the prequel era. It will be published on November 16, 2022 by Marvel Comics.

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  • TypeComic book
  • FormatIssue
  • AudienceAdult
  • SeriesHan Solo & Chewbacca
  • Release StatusUpcoming
  • Release Date11/16/2022
  • Episode Number#7

Publisher's Summary


Outgunned and outnumbered, Chewie makes a daring escape from prison!
Greedo is on the run, and you won’t believe who is after him!
[REDACTED] is back! And boy, are they mad!

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