• Comic Book Serie :
  • Issue Number : #20
  • Release Date : 05/11/2016
  • Publisher :
    • Marvel Comics
  • Number of page : 32 page(s)
  • Story Arcs :
  • The following takes place in 0 ABY

Publisher's summary

New Story Arc! “END OF GAMES” begins this issue!

Inspector Thanoth returns with some startling information.
Vader may have passed his master’s tests…
…but will his own schemes prove his undoing?
PLUS: A bonus tale of Triple-Zero and Beetee!

More info coming soon : Creative Team, Characters, Variant Covers, Reviews, Links, etc.

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It is a time of great unrest and rebuilding for the Empire. After the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader is working to atone for his failure by reigning in those who oppose the Empire's rule.

With the unrest on Shu-Torun subdued and the planet's allegiance and resources won at last, Darth Vader's standing with his Master, Emperor Palpatine, has greatly improved. All is not well, however, as Cylo, Darth Vader's rival, has been exposed as a traitor and is on the run. What's more, the location of Vader's secret ally, Dr. Aphra, has been located at last by none other than Inspector Thanoth. Now, Vader travels to Coruscant to meet with the Emperor once more....

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