• Comic Book Serie :
  • Issue Number : #5
  • Release Date : 12/30/2015
  • Publisher :
    • Marvel Comics
  • Number of page : 32 page(s)
  • Story Arcs :
  • The following takes place between c. 0 ABY – c. 1 ABY

Publisher's summary

Chewbacca & Zarro face their final challenge…the coming of the Empire!
But No Wookiee, No Cry—they’re up for it!
This is one walking carpet who’s not going to be stepped on!

More info coming soon : Creative Team, Characters, Variant Covers, Reviews, Links, etc.

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It is a period of renewed hope for the galaxy. After accidentally crash-landing his ship on the Outer Rim planet Andelm IV, Chewbacca, fearless warrior son of Kashyyyk, put aside his own personal mission to help a young hero named Zarro. Together, Zarro and Chewbacca rescued several captives from an opportunistic gangster named Jaum who had taken over Andelm IV and was selling natural resources to the evil Galactic Empire. But right before Jaum made his escape on an Imperial Star Destroyer, the pair loaded a droid with explosives onto the ship in an attempt to put an end to Jaum and wound the Empire. All was going according to Zarro's plan when suddenly both she and Chewie found themselves captured by Imperials and sent up to the very same Star Destroyer....

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