• Comic Book Serie :
  • Issue Number : #2
  • Release Date : 10/28/2015
  • Publisher :
    • Marvel Comics
  • Number of page : 32 page(s)
  • Story Arcs :
  • The following takes place between c. 0 ABY – c. 1 ABY

Publisher's summary

Known as the skilled co-pilot of the infamous Millennium Falcon, the legendary Wookiee warrior CHEWBACCA will star in his very own limited comic series! After the battle of Yavin, Chewbacca is on his own when he crash lands his ship on an Imperial occupied planet. Now stranded, Chewie finds himself caught in the middle of trying to return to the rebellion and helping a young and feisty girl in need. Writer Gerry Duggan (DEADPOOL, 1872, HULK) and artist Phil Noto (BLACK WIDOW, X-23, UNCANNY X-FORCE) bring us a never-before-seen tale of the heroic Wookiee we all know and love.

More info coming soon : Creative Team, Characters, Variant Covers, Reviews, Links, etc.

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It is a period of renewed hope for the galaxy. After accidentally crash-landing his ship on the Outer Rim planet Andelm-IV, CHEWBACCA, fearless warrior son of Kashyyyk, has found himself in unusual circumstances.

An opportunistic gangster named Jaum has taken over Andelm-IV, enslaving the people and selling natural resources to the dreaded Galactic Empire. Jaum's lone resistance is a young hero named Zarro, but she can't overthrow Jaum and free her people alone...Fortunately for her a tall, dark, and mysterious stranger arrives. Chewbacca has stepped away from the Rebellion on a personal mission. And luckily for Zarro, he's temporarily set aside his own goals to help the oppressed....

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