Star Wars Age Of Rebellion Boba Fett 001 Cover

Age of Rebellion: Boba Fett

Published May 8th, 2019


Age of Rebellion: Boba Fett is the fifth issue of the canon comic book series Age of Rebellion, set in the classic era. It was published on May 08, 2019 by Marvel Comics.



Publisher's Summary

THE HUNTER’S HEART! As the implacable bounty hunter who tracked down HAN SOLO, BOBA FETT earned his reputation as one of the greatest villains in the galaxy. But what happens when Boba Fett picks up the trail of an actual villain? Find out what kind of heart — if any — beats under that MANDALORIAN armor!

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Criminals across the galaxy tremble in fear at the mere mention of the name… Boba Fett. He is a bounty hunter without equal! What drives the man behind the Mandalorian mask?