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The Rise of Skywalker (comics)

Published by Marvel Comics


Star Wars: The The Rise of Skywalker is an upcoming comic book mini-series adapting The Rise of Skywalker, set in the sequel era. The five-issue series will be published monthly by Marvel Comics. It began publication on December 02, 2020.



  • TypeComic book
  • FormatMini-series
  • FrequencyMonthly
  • AudienceAdult
  • Release StatusUpcoming
  • Release Date12/02/2020
  • Number of episodes5
  • Adaptation ofThe Rise of Skywalker

Publisher's Summary

FROM BEYOND THE OUTER RIM, AN OLD ENEMY RETURNS! REY and the RESISTANCE set out on a desperate quest to stop the threat of the FINAL ORDER! Can they succeed where Jedi Master LUKE SKYWALKER himself failed? And what is KYLO REN’S real goal in partnering with the resurrected PALPATINE? Jody Houser (TIE FIGHTER) and Will Sliney (THE RISE OF KYLO REN) adapt the landmark Skywalker saga, featuring extended and deleted scenes!

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