Adventures In Wild Space 00 The Espace Cover

Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape

Written by Cavan Scott


Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space: The Escape is a canon junior original novel, set in the prequel era, written by Cavan Scott. It was published on December 13, 2016, by Disney Lucasfilm Press as part of Adventures in Wild Space.



  • TypeOriginal novel
  • AudienceJunior
  • Release StatusReleased
  • Release Date12/13/2016

Publisher's Summary

It is a dark time in a galaxy far, far away…

When the parents of Milo and Lina Graf are abducted by agents of the evil Empire, the children must undertake a perilous journey across the unknown reaches of Wild Space to rescue them – and to discover hope for the future.

This World Book Day £1 book kicks off a brand-new original fiction series set in the Star Wars universe!

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Opening Crawl


It is a time of darkness. With the end of the Clone Wars, and the destruction of the Jedi Order, the evil Emperor Palpatine rules the galaxy unopposed.

Far away, in the unknown regions of Wild Space beyond Imperial borders, MILO and LINA GRAF accompany their explorer parents on their expeditions.

As the Grafs scout a remote and unmapped swamp-world, the shadow of the Empire draws ever nearer….