Hi! My name is Tristan. I’m a 28 years old Star Wars fan from France.

I discovered the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time on VHS tapes in 1995 and it changed my life! I fell in love with space, science fiction, fantasy and movies. And it made me want to tell stories (I’m trying to write a book but it’s a story for another time).

Over the years, I have read A LOT of Expanded Universe materials: Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire of course, and countless other books, comics and video games. But I gradually moved away from the EU, rather disappointed by the lack of quality in the later years.

With the recent acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney and the promise of a new unified canon lead by the Lucasfilm Story Group, I had a renewed interest for the Star Wars story-line at large. And I plunged myself in these new media. Recently, I noticed an amusing phenomenon. Many of my friends began to ask me questions about the new Star Wars Canon. Always the same:

  • “Canon? What does it mean?”; “What is canon and non-canon Star Wars in the Universe now?”
  • “Are the new books any good? Are they worth reading? Is it mandatory to read it in order to understand the new movies?”; “Where can I start reading?”
  • “Where is this positioned in the timeline?” “If I liked this, what can I read next?”

So I decided to create this web site in order to answers these questions and to try to make sense of the chronology of the new canon Star Wars.

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